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February 19, 2018
nHeritance Family Trees

nHeritance lets you track, share and research your family history in a simple to use family tree structure. Features such as family member biographies, galleries, personal timelines and the soon to be released family map make nHeritance a fun and easy place to leave your digital inheritance.

Browse the public trees below to see what others have done or register to get started on your own tree. New features are added all the time and we love to take new suggestions to make the site better. If you run into trouble or find a bug, click the help link in the menu and create a ticket. We want to make this site one of the best family history sites available to you and we're here to help.

All Family TreesSurnamePrivateCreatedByCreatedDateLastModifiedDateLastModifiedBy
The Family Tree of John W. Gregory, Vermont Gregorylgregory11/25/200512/29/2011Lloyd
The Family Tree of Julian Gregory Gregorylgregory12/17/201112/17/2011lgregory
The Family Tree of George Talbot Stienmetz of Ilinois StienmetzKaren Gregory12/25/201112/27/2011Lloyd
The Family Tree of ? Huebner of Wisconsin HuebnerKaren Gregory1/8/20121/10/2012Karen Gregory
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