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February 19, 2018
Internet Keyword Games

I've started to develop a game framework that allows you to take any set of keywords and make a game out of any sort of web content. The games below this page use a dictionary of fishing related terms to create a fishing themed game from fishing related articles but the game could just as easily use a dictionary of cooking, car, or computer related terms. The applications are limited only to your imagination.

In the following examples the game engine looks at the current page and finds elements with content matching the keywords in the game dictionary. Each element that it finds will be transformed into game level, removing them from reading view. Then, each keyword will be transformed into its corresponding image and the game ai will animate those elements so that they swim around the level. Each image is clickable and most will earn you points or bonus time however there are others (called "hazards") that you should try to avoid. As levels are cleared, their containing elements (div, spans and p's) will be returned to the article.

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