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February 19, 2018

nHeritance Learning Plans

To help people experiment with these concepts on their own, we are developing a series of computer training sources that you can use to learn things as seemingly complex as Professional Web Developer or Private Networking Specialist.


Portal Development Series

DNN Portal Development 101 - Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Me and some friends are starting a bit of a computer school to teach folks how to make their own websites.  We're software developers by trade but we realize that there's no sense pretending that what we do is rocket science and if we have the time, it could be profitable to spread the knowledge.  So March 23rd marks the first class in a five week crash course in professional web development.   Below is an outline of the course.

1.)    Preparing your computer for development
a.      Installation of Visual Web Developer Express
b.      Installation of DotNetNuke Portal Environment
2.)    Understanding the DNN Framework
a.      Portal Security
b.      Portal Modules
c.      Skinning
3.)    Skinning
a.      Choosing the right look for your site
b.      Making the right Look for Your Site
4.)    Filling up the site with content
a.      Html and Links Modules
b.      Shopping Carts and Catalogs
c.       Forums and Blogs
5.)    Advanced Topics
a.       Advanced Web Sales Tactics?
b.     The web wont work if you wont.

What you will need:

1.)    A personal Computer (laptops are preferred)            
2.)    Internet Access
3.)    The desire to learn

What to expect after:

1.)    Web Hosting
a.        I can give both you and Rob websites under my domain to be used as sand boxes to play in and learn. 
b.      If you guys decide that you like the sites that you built we can just move them up one level and my buddy Nate can point to them that you want (as long as you own it.)
c.       We can also set up a sub domain under my domain.  Examples could be, or , etc.
2.)    Training and Support
a.       I’ve been a professional software developer since 1998 and have been doing work in DotNetNuke since 2002.  During that time in I’ve mentored countless people in the art of software development.  Some were CS majors, some weren’t but had experience, while still others knew nothing but had the desire to learn.
b.      The DotNetNuke framework is incredibly stable and quite easy to use but should you run into trouble help will always only be a phone call away.


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